20 black latina any pronouns enby bigender queer

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i love girls, horror, y2k aesthetics, 90s ggs, 80s music, milfs, cybercore, fairies, reality tv, city pop

byr this is a main/priv, i barely tweet, my interests change a lot, always up at weird times, im not apart of any fandom twt
dnr no dni really except don't bother following if you're apart of kpop, anime or mcyttwt, get into lgbtq/slur discourse, nb & use aave or co opt terms made by black ppl or just annoying & a weirdo
interests girl groups, anime, battle royale, tuca & bertie, desperate housewives, teen drama, gravity falls, tomie, making crds, horror movies + manga, watching video essays on youtube, lost media
just a waste by pinkpantheress